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Your company’s graphic identity is crucial—it has to represent you and your company those millions of times that you’re not there to do it yourself—convincing your potential customers or clients that you can provide what they want or need.

Our graphics create a visual reminder of your company’s identity, extending your range in a market that has become truly global. We believe it is essential to design a company's identity to be absolutely consistent regardless of the application, size or intended use.

Below are three award-winning graphic identity packages Pandora & Company designed. Please note the consistent graphic themes which run throughout each package.

Client: Lepp & Associates

Project: Create a new logo for famous outdoor photographer George Lepp, utilizing the letter "L." Pandora & Company was asked to design a contemporary corporate identity package that expressed fun, professionalism, while demonstrating out-of-the-box thinking. This package included: stationery with second sheets, #10 envelopes, business cards, note pads, writing tablets, Web splash page, mailing labels, and note cards with envelopes. Note the horizontal stationery design.

Client: Kepler Design Group

Project: Create a logo for a new interior design firm owned by Jan Kepler. The challenge was to develop a "strong, distinctive" logo, and a contemporary identity package that demonstrates her firm's ability to work with both modern and traditional interiors. The Kepler Design Group's initial graphic identity included: stationery and #10 envelopes, business cards, mailing label, Web site, and foil embossed stickers.

Client: Watershed School

Project: The client contacted us after working unsuccessfully with two graphic design firms in their home state of Colorado. The client was seeking a way to show the unique "hands-on" vision of their private high school that offers a new approach to education and seeks not just to "teach" but to create great citizens and bold thinkers. The challenge was to work by phone, email, and FedX to create an identity package which expressed their environmentally and community-based, learn-by-doing philosophy.

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Advertising Book Design Brochures Graphic Identity Newsletters Photography

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