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We regard advertising as just one component—but an important one—in a comprehensive marketing approach.  

Advertising is conveyed to the public via a communications device, whether that device is a brochure, a website, a newspaper ad, or a media announcement.  And when you commit to advertising, you must also commit to an overall look and a consistent theme, which will help you to establish an identity with your target audience.

Whatever form it takes, advertising must intrigue your audience, must make them understand your unique product, service, or benefit, and must move them to take action.  This happens most readily when you understand that what you actually do or make may not be what your client really buys.  As Charles Revson said, “I manufacture cosmetics, but I sell hope.”  Black & Decker makes black and orange drills.  But people don’t buy a drill—they buy an easy way to make holes.   Residential realtors sell condos and houses, but what their clients really want to buy is security, a lifestyle, and a piece of “the American dream.” 

We help you define what your clients really buy, and then we help you convince them to do business with you!

These ads for the Los Osos Valley Memorial Park demonstrate the importance of a unified approach to layout.  While photos, headlines, and text change from one ad to the next, the layout remains the same, reinforcing the firm’s identity in the mind of the viewer.


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Advertising Book Design Brochures Graphic Identity Newsletters Photography

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