We never set out to design a project simply to win an award. However, when our client projects receive national awards, it reflects well on the client and on us—and justifies what we do and how well we do it!

American Corporate Identity is an annual showing of the best identity design in the U.S.A. This competition includes complete identity programs from corporate giants as well as logo designs from small businesses. Each year, American Corporate Identity shows a cross-section of the best designs from all across America for that year. More than 6,000 entries are received each year, and fewer than 500 are included.
    Selected, National Corporate Graphic Identity (Logos),
    31 inclusions  -  1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002

"Logo 2002 Award" for global publication; three logos developed in 2002

Bronze Medal for Design, International Print Council - Design Competition, 1990, 1994

First Place for Design, Photography Information Council, 1995

Gold Award for Logo Design, National Gold Ink Awards, 1997, 1998

Silver Award for Design Excellence, National Gold Ink Awards, 1994, 1996

Silver Medal for Design, International Print Council - Design Competition, 1997

Winner, Creativity 26, National Book Cover Design competition. The Creativity 26 Annual, published  in 1997, covers over a quarter- century and displays the best work in print advertising, TV, and collateral material. They sent out a call for entries and over 12,000 individual entries flooded in to this competition from all over the world. In many ways, it was a remarkable flood, primarily reflecting the swift development of quality work available once mainly from New York to a global access. Out of that access came a global visual language in the form of brand names, trademarks, logos, images, and, in a fashion, a way of life.

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